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Windscreen Replacement: An Industry Contributing to its Own Demise - Glasstec Paul


When are we going to realise that the windscreen replacement industry needs to be regulated?

Technician competence and the employment selection process needs to be benchmarked with a minimum qualification entry to stop the widespread of incompetence, ineptitude and ignorance which has never been as evident. We cannot allow, or keep up this ‘anyone will do’ attitude, ‘just as long as the work gets done’. Business, figures, procurement and profit – or even a now innate ‘grab it what you can while you can’ attitude – seem to be the driving forces behind an industry which has long forgotten its prime mover: the consumer.

Properly trained technicians should also be better paid, and the industry needs to start pulling its socks – and trousers – back up. Did I say properly trained? Let’s start by having a proper, innovative research centre as a training provider, and not ‘academies’ which are simply regurgitating dated, and poor techniques as well as bad practices.


This needs to stop.

It’s about time for everyone to start making positive contributions to the industry instead of rinsing it for all it used to be worth.