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When do you Change Your Wipers? - Glasstec Paul

It’s raining, and if you haven’t noticed the precipitation hopefully, your rain sensor would have triggered the windscreen wipers into action. At that point, does the action become academic, or are you aware of how well – or not – the wipers are sweeping away the water?

It is recommend that you replace your wiper blades every 12 months to ensure they continue to clear the windscreen effectively. However, if your windscreen wipers are displaying signs of streaking, skipping, splitting, or squeaking, it might be time for new wider blades.

In a recent survey (conducted on a main road somewhere in Enfield on a rainy day) nine out of10 vehicles looked like they needed new wiper blades. The most obvious telltale sign; rainbow streaks, closely followed by a wet windscreen after the wiper-sweep. A follow-up survey three days later on the A406 told a similar story.

If people are not changing their wiper blades, are they getting away with it? When do you change your wiper blades?