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Porsche 993 Windscreen Checklist - Glasstec Paul
  1. The 993 windscreen is fitted using three trims: a trim frame (which comes pre-encapsulated from the manufacturer) a cover seal (or outer) and an inner ‘buffer’ trim.
  2. If the trim frame is damaged, or perished, the outer trim will not fit. The trim frame is not available as a separate part; it comes – already fitted – with a new windscreen.
  3. By not using the original trim system, and using a universal/one-piece trim, the fitter will need to apply an abnormally high bead of adhesive in order to get contact between the glass and the pinchweld.
  4. Broadly speaking, 993 windscreens do not creak; badly fitted ones do.
  5. Teflon Tape, Pedro’s Wax, chain lube, WD40, Neoprene chord, ear defenders and turning the stereo up are all ways to insulate the creaking – or squeaking – noise. They do not address the problem.
  6. A correctly fitted 993 windscreen will not creak.
  7. On some earlier models, especially cars in countries with hotter climates, the trim frame can degrade. It is a hard plastic frame reinforced with metal. Extended exposure to heat and UV light will eventually break or weaken the bond between the metal and the plastic it is encased in. The glass itself also retains heat which in turn transfers to those peripheral areas.
  8. Again, generally speaking, 993 scuttles are not any more prone to rust than the rest of the car. The rust issue usually comes from poor workmanship either by a windscreen fitter or bodyshop.
  9. There are three types of windscreen available for the 993:
    • The genuine ‘OE’ part. This is the Original Equipment produced (by a glass manufacturer) to a blueprint owned by Porsche. Historically, this used to be ‘SIGLA’, (Agen, Germany). The original plant remains however it has since been acquired by Pilkington, a now Japanese-owned company (NSG). The glass is marked ‘Pilkington’ with a Porsche emblem – or hallmark of authenticity – above it.
    • Aftermarket. This is a similar product to the OE; some aftermarket suppliers like to refer to these non-genuine products as Original Equipment Equivalent ( “OEE” ). An aftermarket Porsche windscreen too is also marked Pilkington however there is no Porsche hallmark (internet experts often call it a stamp). In legal terms, this product responds to the same main aesthetic and technical criteria as the genuine product. Make of that what you will, but it is not the same product as an original offering. It looks the same and does the same job as the OE, but nobody (except the experts on social media and the misinformed) wants to commit to claiming it is the same product, or not. One of the two products does fit slightly better than the other.
    • The third type of 993 windscreen is the small batch product. This is most commonly a heated version. This is used more on race cars however some 993 owners have tried them on their road cars. A word of warning: whether a heated windscreen for a 993 is a good idea or not, the windscreen comes without the required – essential – trim frame and pre-applied PUR. Also, as the heater elements are between the two layers of glass which make up a laminated windscreen, there is no integral antenna. If you are thinking of installing a heated windscreen to your 993, you will have to replace the antenna with something aftermarket if you want to continue listening to your favourite radio stations.
  10. If your 993 windscreen is creaking, the only way to eradicate the problem is to remove and refit it correctly.
  11. Contrary to what many fitters will tell you, a 993 windscreen can be removed without breakage. The rare exception to this rule is when the windscreen you want to remove has been fitted very badly, or that the trim frame has started to crumble. Bad fitting can also mean that the cable for the integral antenna is embedded in the windscreen adhesive. It can often still be retrieved but some remedial work may be needed.
  12. if the VIN plate is not aligned to the notch in the windscreen, something isn’t right. With a bit of care and attention, this can usually be aligned both horizontally and vertically.

If you have an issue with your 993 windscreen and it’s not listed above, please get in touch: info@glasstecauto.co.uk