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Windscreen Repair - Glasstec Paul


Our Windscreen Services

We repair windscreens, fit new windscreens and replace glass for all your vehicles.

At Glasstec Automotive, we always try to repair your existing windscreen before replacing it with a new one, usually saving you both time and money. Sometimes though, the type, size and position of the damage will mean that a car glass repair is not possible.

But don’t worry, I’m an expert at fixing windscreens and  aim to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Service Pledge

At GLASSTEC Automotive, we are committed to making sure your experience is the best it can be. In fact, we believe that your satisfaction is so important that we stand behind it with our Service Pledge:

• An experienced technician will provide a quality installation or repair, using high-quality parts and materials.

  1. • Your vehicle will be restored to its original, pre-damage condition.
  2. • All broken glass will be removed as the work is completed.
  3. • Your glass installation / repair will be supported a robust, workmanship warranty* for as long as you own the subject vehicle.

Our Warranty

Every GLASSTEC Automotive repair and replacement is covered by our warranty* for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. If you are not completely satisfied with your repair or have any problems with your replacement, contact us via info@glasstecauto.co.uk or call us on: 07974 216 953

Glasstec Blog

Welcome to the blog of Glasstec Paul, where Automotive Glazing Matters.

Buyer Beware: Glass Cover

    Are you having difficulty getting your insurance company's preferred repairer to fit a genuine 'OE' replacement windscreen for your car? Is the windscreen company waiting to see if the underwriter will authorise your request?   First and foremost,...

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The Cost of Someone Else Paying Your Excess

Insurance companies implemented a policy excess system in order to deter gratuitous claims. However now there is a culture which could be using this deterrent to encourage the very thing it was designed to curb. How somebody else paying your excess could be costing...

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Look Without Watching

  Why watching your windscreen fitter may not be a good idea.   The moment you have been fearing has arrived. You're about to have your windscreen replaced, and the thought of a stranger getting intimate with your car is making you feel uncomfortable. What...

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To See, or Not to See

    Now You See It... An illustration of Before and After stages of a typical windscreen repair.  Have you recently had your windscreen repaired? Were you pleased with the results? Was there a discernible between the before and after appearances of the...

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Insurance Questions: Windscreen Cover

Can I get my insurer to pay for this? Most comprehensive insurance policies will include windscreen cover as standard. As straight forward as this may appear, there are some grey areas, some of which has been misinterpreted or misunderstood, to cause confusion amongst...

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It’s Only a Joint?

      When butting up the PUR adhesive, most windscreen fitters are taught to run past the starting point and overlap the joint. This technique envelops the join, and is the easiest one to program the OEM robots with. Is this the best way? Why does it...

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Paint it Black

    A question often asked amongst motoring enthusiasts is, "I'm having my windscreen replaced today. Is there anything to look out for?" Generally, the advice will be pretty good, and mostly based on experience. However some responses are the work of...

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Porsche 911 Windscreen: The 996

Headlights that looked like they were shaped from fried eggs, characterless exhaust notes and with an extremely soft suspension the Porsche 996 became known as the unloved series. Porsche wrote in their 996 brochure, "Over the years we have broken with many...

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Misconceptions About Windscreen Replacement

      Myths and Misconceptions about Windscreen Replacement. 1. It's windscreen (or windshield). It is not a window screen. 2. Mastic is not used to bond windscreens into a car. The correct product is a high performance, specific and automotive grade...

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Wrong Windscreen Fitted to Car.

      Some things are not seen as a problem until they affect us directly. Try to imagine how you would feel if, after buying the car you've coveted for a while springs a very wet surprise as you drive through the rain for the first time: a leaking...

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The Securiflex Windscreen

Found on some Porsche 930 and 964 models as standard, is what was offered as a 'safer' windscreen. The Securiflex Windscreen was presented as an improved windscreen with a thin, plastic inner laminate attached to the inside surface of a laminated glass. Its purpose...

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Motor Insurance: Windscreen Cover

By law you must have motor insurance to drive your vehicle on roads in the United Kingdom. This requirement has created an industry which is currently thought to be worth an estimated £9.4 billion a year. In short, you need insurance, and the providers want your...

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Botched Windscreen Repair.

    Yet another example of the level of incompetence which is rife in windscreen repair. And it's not rare to see such poor standards. In this instance, the act is nothing but a con. From a customer, via email: "He used a heat gun, and it looked alright when...

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VW Golf R32 Windscreen Replacement

    You've gone through the car with a fine tooth comb and it's faultless; the HPI report comes back all tickety boo and you exchange money for the keys - and V5 - before hitting the road home. It's your new pride and joy. But there's something not quite...

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What Isn’t Clear About Windscreen Repairs.

Not to be found in a footnote of every driver's future on the road, is an unwritten law of averages which suggests that the chances of a getting a vehicle's windscreen chipped are increased the more a car is driven. At tyres sutton the technicians are highly trained...

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Windscreen Woes: Lexus Rain Sensor Fail

    Just when you think you've seen it all someone - somewhere - comes up with something so random, and inexplicably wrong, it defies logic. A local Lexus dealer was just as miffed. "We're trying to remove the rain sensor from a Lexus IS250, but it appears...

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DGC compounds

Windscreen bonding and sealing on vehicles has evolved at an accelerated pace. Although traditional rubber mounted gaskets and butyl products can still be found on some older vehicles, liquid adhesives, also known as direct glazing compounds (DGC) are now the method...

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The Windscreen Chip they Didn’t Repair

    Could Not, Did Not, or Would Not Repair? Shortly after this (pictured) windscreen was hit by a stone, the car owner called his insurance company to arrange for the damage to be repaired. His inbound call was subsequently diverted to his insurer's...

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The Amazing, Vanishing Windscreen Chip?

Take a look at this chip: There's a slight reflection in the mirror, so for avoidance of doubt, the damage is to the left of the mirror. This image was taken before any attempt was made to repair the damage. Here is the after: Here's the twist: no windscreen repair...

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Windscreen Rain (and Light) Sensors: Audi

    This is how a properly installed rain sensor should look:   If the sensor gel pad is missing, it will affect the sensitivity - or functioning - of the sensor. Many windscreens are being replaced, and the sensor pad is not renewed. The auto wiper...

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