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Buying a Car with a Chipped Windscreen

You buy a car - a used car - and take it home. At some point you may have noticed a chip on the windscreen. The car seller may already have had it repaired, or will offer to have someone look at it should you bring the matter to their attention. Take this a step...

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993 Windscreen Creak Down Under

A very common 993 windscreen issue as illustrated by a frustrated owner via email: "I was hoping you might be able to help me out. I am in Australia at the moment and just had a new original front window installed in my Porsche 993 (the windscreen was an insurance...

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Unskilled Windscreen Fitters

    Many windscreen fitters say they're experienced, but what kind of experience that really is will show in the end product or in the way they do their job. A windscreen fitter can be judged on how he or she fits a windscreen. Bonded windscreens: applying...

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Leaking Windscreens are NOT Covered.

      A trade customer - an independent garage - had a car in for service. They were also asked to look at a water leak in the front of the vehicle which turned out to be a poorly fitted windscreen. Water was dripping into the cabin from above the rear...

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Wrong Windscreen Fitted to Car.

      Some things are not seen as a problem until they affect us directly. Try to imagine how you would feel if, after buying the car you've coveted for a while springs a very wet surprise as you drive through the rain for the first time: a leaking...

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Botched Windscreen Repair.

    Yet another example of the level of incompetence which is rife in windscreen repair. And it's not rare to see such poor standards. In this instance, the act is nothing but a con. From a customer, via email: "He used a heat gun, and it looked alright when...

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VW Golf R32 Windscreen Replacement

    You've gone through the car with a fine tooth comb and it's faultless; the HPI report comes back all tickety boo and you exchange money for the keys - and V5 - before hitting the road home. It's your new pride and joy. But there's something not quite...

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Windscreen Woes: Lexus Rain Sensor Fail

    Just when you think you've seen it all someone - somewhere - comes up with something so random, and inexplicably wrong, it defies logic. A local Lexus dealer was just as miffed. "We're trying to remove the rain sensor from a Lexus IS250, but it appears...

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The Great Windscreen Repair Con

The Great Windscreen Repair Con This is the handy work of a well-known 'insurance approved' windscreen repair/replacement company. The policyholder been duped into accepting this as a good repair when it doesn't look any different than it did to begin with, and the...

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