Our Windscreen Services

We repair windscreens, fit new windscreens and replace glass for all your vehicles.

At Glasstec Automotive, we always try to repair your existing windscreen before replacing it with a new one, usually saving you both time and money. Sometimes though, the type, size and position of the damage will mean that a car glass repair is not possible.

But don’t worry, I’m an expert at fixing windscreens and  aim to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Service Pledge

At GLASSTEC Automotive, we are committed to making sure your experience is the best it can be. In fact, we believe that your satisfaction is so important that we stand behind it with our Service Pledge:

• An experienced technician will provide a quality installation or repair, using high-quality parts and materials.

  1. • Your vehicle will be restored to its original, pre-damage condition.
  2. • All broken glass will be removed as the work is completed.
  3. • Your glass installation / repair will be supported a robust, workmanship warranty* for as long as you own the subject vehicle.

Our Warranty

Every GLASSTEC Automotive repair and replacement is covered by our warranty* for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. If you are not completely satisfied with your repair or have any problems with your replacement, contact us via or call us on: 0845 658 6545.

Glasstec Blog

Welcome to the blog of Glasstec Paul, where Automotive Glazing Matters.

Doughnuts by Donuts.

This is what you would find after cutting a windscreen away from the adhesive which keeps in in the car. Huh? Note, there is an extra blob inside the 90-degree turn. There's another one on the opposite side: This windscreen had been replaced. To be fair, it wasn't a...

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There Can Be Only One

When someone copies you, or something you have done, it can be a tad annoying. Cast your mind back to school and having to fence yourself in behind books (or cradling with your other arm or hand) to stop someone near you copying your work. Nobody wants their ideas...

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The Stress Crack Myth

Bananas do not grow on trees. Bats are not blind. Duck quacks DO echo. Bulls do not become angry at the color red. Windscreens do not stress crack. Bananas grow on something the size of trees, but the banana 'tree' is not actually a tree. The banana plant, which can...

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A Condemned Windscreen?

According to the repair criteria set out by a national and insurance 'approved' windscreen repair and replacement company, this windscreen is not eligible for repair: Why?There are too many chips. Whilst the windscreen isn't exactly peppered, there clearly are five...

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Windscreen Condensation.

Windscreen Condensation.

Have you noticed that your windscreen is fogging up more than it used to? It may just be something unavoidable, or it could be something much worse. First and foremost, water vapour in the atmosphere which occurs when your body heats the air inside the car – as does...

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Lockdown Defiance and Ignorance

Why are we, the British public, so defiant? Is it just us? Yesterday I went to collect a couple of (pre-ordered) windscreens from a wholesaler. They're doing all they possibly can as a supplier and this is immediately apparent as soon as you approach the front...

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Approved Windscreen Companies.

If you asked for advice, you would seek it from a reliable source. To go ahead without it is usually ill-advised. It pays to do your research. Due diligence. Just like asking for recommendations on a suitable restaurant, we trust the experience and opinions of others;...

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Two Ways to Apply PUR

If you've watched your windscreen being replaced, you may have noticed the fitter reaching over and across the car to apply the adhesive (PUR). Or did he lay the bead directly to the glass? Only a few installers will extrude directly to the glass. Which way is better?...

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Windscreen Wipers

American inventor Mary Anderson is credited with designing the first operational windscreen wiper in 1903. In Anderson's patent, she described her invention as a 'window cleaning device' for electric cars and other vehicles. The windscreen wiper has since remained one...

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Leaking Windscreen Issue: Land Rover Discovery 5.

Third generation LR Discovery (L462; 2017–present) Images of a common issue with the current crop of Discos showing where the windscreens are leaking from, and why. Crackle Glaze This crackle-glaze patch indicates an issue with the substrate; this shiny appearance is...

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Insurance Won’t Allow Genuine Parts?

Are you insured with Admiral insurance? Have you claimed for a cracked windscreen? Did they allow a genuine - OE - replacement? Did you know about the three year rule? Admiral's guide [under Windscreen Damage] states: "If your car is three years old or more, we may...

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The Politics of Envy?

If you haven't passed a shop with a chalkboard displaying the message you might have seen it splashed across a viral message being passed around on social media: When you buy from a small business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third holiday home.You are helping a...

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Fitting a Windscreen (or Glass) After Repaint

Whether it's a remedial (rust) repair, full body repaint or crash repair there is one small detail that many bodyshops - even windscreen installers - are overlooking. If there are remnants of the old Polyurethane adhesive they must either be masked before painting or...

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Buying a Car with a Chipped Windscreen

You buy a car - a used car - and take it home. At some point you may have noticed a chip on the windscreen. The car seller may already have had it repaired, or will offer to have someone look at it should you bring the matter to their attention. Take this a step...

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The Disparity in Windscreen Claims

When your insurer denies your request for a genuine 'OE' windscreen replacement, and insists that you might have to pay the difference between what they are prepared to pay for and what you want, ask them why they appear to be okay about paying for dealer parts if the...

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It’s Just a Windscreen

. . . Whilst shaving the excess cured resin during this repair, the solar reflective coating became visible under the light in the workshop. Holograms This particular windscreen is heated (embedded within the sandwich construction of the windscreen is a mesh of very...

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The Weather WILL NOT crack your windscreen.

The cold weather will not crack your windscreen. That chip you've had there for weeks or even months will not 'turn into a crack' because it's cold outside. Fast forward to the summer and the same windscreen repair 'experts' will be urging you to 'get that chip...

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A Motor Insurance Rant

Not all insurance companies are bad, but the ones I have dealt with recently represent the industry. I've insured my van with the same insurer (broker and underwriter) for the last four years. No claims, no convictions and not even an enquiry which could be classed as...

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Removing a Windscreen Intact and Without Damage

    Windscreens don't break. Fitters break them. Time and time again the caveat or disclaimer is added to a windscreen-needs-to-be-removed scenario is that it 'might break' on removal. Some will even go as far as saying that it actually will break when you...

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